Spikes Rubber Balls 6 pack (test)


6 rubber balls


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Rubber Balls for spikes

Pack of 6 Anti-Scratch Rubber Balls – these fit onto the end of the Podspeakers Spikes to stop them from scratching your sideboard etc.

Compatible with all Minipod, BigPod, The Drop, CinePod, The Ball, MiniBass and Bass Station spikes.

Does not fit spikes for BlueRoom and MicroPod loudspeakers.


Use the product with
  • SmallPod
  • MiniPod
  • BigPod
  • MiniBass
  • BassStation
  • The Ball
  • CinePod
  • The Drop
Product numbers
  • Podspeakers original SKU#12419.01
What you get
  • 1 pack with 6 pcs rubber balls (spikes not included)


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