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StreamPod is a small device that plugs into your active loudspeaker or amplifier for streaming music through your WiFi network.


1 StreamPod, 1 Powersupply AC-DC adapter 5V with EUplug, 1 Minijack cable 3,5mm, and 1 Quick Start Guide


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What is StreamPod..?

StreamPod is a small device that plugs into your active loudspeaker or amplifier for streaming music through your WiFi network.

Once set-up, simply use your phone, tablet or laptop to stream your favorite music to the speakers in your home.

Streaming music is easy

Install the free Podspeakers App on your phone or tablet and stream music instantly to your active loudspeakers or hifi system.

Search, play, pause, queue songs and set the volume right from your phone anywhere in the house.

Make a good buy and avoid saying goodbye to your old hifi…

If you buy a StreamPod, you can make your old active loudspeakers or your old music amplifier, fit for a future on Wifi.

So why not give your loyal old hifi equipment a technical upgrade, while saving money and acting environmentally smart?

StreamPod simply creates a convenient Wifi connection and only requires download of our free Podspeakers App and a simple set-up.

Listen to your favorites, anytime

Listen to music , radio and podcasts from Spotify, Tidal , TuneIn … and more coming, there is no end to the music you can enjoy.


Play a different song in the livingroom , bedroom, even bathroom, or the same track in every room, or play some dance music at the party all controlled by the all new and free multiroom Podspeakers App.

Tune into a radio station in the kitchen, play a song from online music service to the bedroom, stream local music from your phone memory to the living room in simultaneous way.

Preset up to 12 favourite radiostations, playlists or podcasts.

Group different devices to different zones, each zone can play different songs.

Choose left channel, right channel and stereo mode on the application.

Set the alarm to wake up your favorite music or radio station automatically in one or all rooms.

Easy set-up

StreamPod does not require technical or wireless expertise, setting up is easy;

  • Connect StreamPod to your amplifier or active speakers.
  • Download the free Podspeakers App.
  • Connect StreamPod to your home WiFi network with simple on screen directions.

With a few steps, you will be playing music in minutes.


  • 1 StreamPod
  • 1 Powersupply AC-DC adapter 5V with EUplug
  • 1 Minijack cable 3,5mm
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • White
  • WiFi streaming
  • AirPlay
  • MultiRoom
  • Alarm – wake up – sleep timer
  • 12 presets (radio stations – playlists – podcasts)
  • Podspeakers App – iOS and Android
  • Easy set-up
Stream music from your
  • iPhone (iOS)
  • iPads (iOS)
  • Smartphones (android)
  • Tablets (android)
Technical specifications
  • Wifi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • WiFi encryption: WPA and WPA2
  • Signal to noise ratio (SNR): 84dB
  • Decoding: up to 24bit – 192kHz
  • Audio formats: FLAC / WAV / AAC-LC / MP3 / WMA
  • Inputs: 5V DC in – 3,5mm AUX in – WPS set-up
  • Power supply: 5V-1A AC-DC power adapter 110/230V
  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 20mm
Product Number
  • Podspeakers SKU# 16960
Connect and stream to
  • HiFi Amplifiers
  • Active loudspeakers
  • All active Podspeakers:
  • MicroPod Bluetooth
  • SmallPod Bluetooth
  • MiniPod Bluetooth


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