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How long is the wireless range on the MiniPod Bluetooth?

The range from your mobile phone to the speaker is at least 10 meters (33 feet) in open spaces.

MiniPod Bluetooth is made with the best Bluetooth system on the market called aptX – it is a high-quality Bluetooth system that is only used in the best audio products and supports audio in up to 24-bit / 48kHz transmission up to 576 kbps, which is above CD quality. This is the best quality so far.

How do I download the Podspeakers app?

You can find the Podspeakers app where you usually download your apps.

Want to know more about how to set up your speaker for the app? The guide can be found under Manuals -> MicroPod Air. Click here to get to the manuals page.

How do I “group” my WiFi speakers?

We have created a guide so you can easily and quickly group your speakers.

The guide can be found under Manuals -> MicroPod Air. Click here to get to the manuals page.

There is a delay in the sound between my TV and my MiniPod BT MK2 speakers – what can I do?

Unfortunately, this is a common problem with Bluetooth stereo speakers (not just Podspeakers) – that’s why we always recommend our MiniPod Bluetooth Stereo Pack if you need to use MiniPod Bluetooth with your TV – with this solution you will not experience a delay between sound and image.

You can see and read more about the TV package right here.

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