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I want to buy a pair of Minipod Bluetooth speakers for my TV. I see you have a stereo pack with one wireless and one wired as a package deal. I am not a techie so was wondering if it works just as fine to have a pair of Bluetooth versions instead to keep cables to a minimum?

For TV we will recommend using one active and one passive MiniPod, and the special MiniPod TV package we have made is really the best choice for this.  Using two MiniPod Bluetooth is also an option, but  – depending on the video, movie or TV channel you are watching – you will in many cases experience “lip sync” or sound delay problems (this is when sound and picture is not synchronized properly) when you are using two Bluetooth speakers.  This is a quite well-know issue for many brands and wireless loudspeakers and soundbars.  Using the special MiniPod TV Package we offer ensures that you will not experience such problems.

How far can my MiniPod Bluetooth speakers be located from the device it is paired with?

Approximately 10 meters (33 feet).

How do I clean the unit?

To clean your Podspeakers of fingerprints, dust, and dirt, use a soft, dry cloth.

Important! Do not use cleaners containing alcohol, ammonia, benzene, or abrasives, they will damage the cabinet finish.

What if the package is defect upon arrival?

Please read about Delivery & Returns. That’s the page you are looking for.

Will my new Podspeakers make me happy?


Why don’t you ship to Asia ?

We would really like to ship to anywhere in the World, but it is complicated. We are working on it. If you want to purchase from us and your country is not listed, please drop us an email and we will try to help you.

When will my shipment arrive?

Once you place your order we start packing everything right away. As soon as we are ready to ship, you will get an email from us with packing information. When your package is on the way, we will supply you with track & trace information.

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