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Selected products

WiFi speakers

By connecting to your home network, WiFi speakers can deliver seamless multiroom audio that you can control easily from your smartphone. Each of the WiFi speakers highlighted in this guide has its own mobile app that allows you to switch between streaming services and also tweak the sound settings. Many of today’s latest WiFi speakers are also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri. Some will even let you choose between using Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Drop HiFi

HiFi speakers

HiFi speakers are “passive”, meaning they require an external power amplifier in order to operate. So, you will need an external stereo amplifier or AV surround sound receiver for your passive HiFi speakers.

With a passive HiFi speaker you will also need speaker cables, to be able to transfer the sound from the amplifier to the speakers.

TV speakers

This stereo pack is a perfect choice for improving the sound of your flatscreen TV and PC – we have created a custom package to make it easier for you to choose the components that pair well together for improving your TV and PC sound and listen in real stereo. All ready to go out of the box!


Personalize your speakers, and make them speak to you. Podspeakers have always been about standing out, shaping a room and the experience within. They have been about the aesthetic experience of not only sound but the eye as well. Therefore, we make it possible to make our speakers look different.

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